What to Expect When Your Expecting to Go to South Korea.


Kyndra and I were able to go to visit the land of the morning calm, aka Korea, during Christmas 2016.  We had an amazing visit and fell even more hopelessly in love with the country.  So, in preparation for returning this summer, we decided to come up with a list of 5 things to expect if you are traveling to Korea for the first time.  Get your passport ready!


1. The Flight is a KILLER

Our best advice is to SLEEP during the flight.  Invest in a neck pillow and don’t drink coffee or energy drinks before or during the flight.   We like to sit in an aisle or window seat as well. While your at it, get in the Korean spirit by sheet masking on the flight.  Only good skin days ahead here!    #sheetmaskforhours

  • Insider Tip: Drink the wine not the coffee.  (Free wine on Korean Air flights blew our minds too.)


2. Pack for Walking

Seoul is a big city and there are LOTS of things to see as a tourist.  Even though public transportation is excellent in Korea and Seoul, prepare for walking a lot!  We felt pretty confident getting off the subway on the first day, took one wrong turn and boom…lost.  So prepare for that as well.  Well worth a visit is Gyeongbokgung Palace even though it was such a maze that we were lost about three times!  It really is the palace of shining happiness until your lost, hungry, and cold.   #dontgetlost #goodluck


3. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Korean’s love their coffee and their coffee shops.  One of the best parts about being a tourist in Seoul is that there are literally coffee shops that line the streets, especially in the tourist hot spots like Insadong and Myeongdong.  You will have your pick of any coffee, tea, or dessert your heart desires.  Need your Starbucks?  No problem.  Want to try a Korean brand?  Tom and Toms or Twosome  #coffeeislife

  • Insider Tip: Even though there are tons of coffee chains around, there are also many local coffee shops that are just as nice, if not cuter, than your average chain coffee shop!  This coffee shop is on our list for this summer!


4. Korean Food is Life

The food culture in Korea is real.  Real real.  We could eat something different every single meal and still not try all the famous foods.  And honestly, it really is amazing.  Reflecting on our previous Korean food experience, Kyndra and I were unaware of the quantity of food that would be offered as well.  We stuffed ourselves silly and were happy to do it since the food was so delicious.   Our suggestion for new travelers is to not be afraid to try new things at least once.  You never know what kind of deliciousness is waiting for you over by that food cart!  Just know that if you are going out with Korean friends prepare to keep the party going at round two or even three.  Guess what those rounds consist of….more food.  You’ve been warned.   #stuffedmyselfsilly


5. O Wonderful WiFi

WiFi in South Korea is like a cool summer breeze.  It is literally the fastest, best internet in the world.  There are lots of options to enjoy having that lightning fast WiFi.  First, you can visit the plethora of coffee shops that dot the city.  Of course, you’ll have to buy a drink to log in, but taking coffee breaks is essential when traveling (at least that’s my thinking).  Second, the contraption labeled the “egg” which is a portable WiFi device.  This handy contraption is available for rental and pick up at the airport and is a handy way to connect to the internet while out and about site seeing.  Another option is to bring an unlocked phone and buy a prepaid sims card.  During out first trip we relied solely on coffee shop WiFi and it worked out fine, but I would like to try another option to help us cut the times we were lost and had to quickly find a coffee shop to figure out where we were.  #wifihotspot

So, here is our list of what we experienced when we traveled to South Korea.   Prepare yourself for the amazing, the unplanned, the stepping out of your comfort zone, the moment you want to keep forever, and all the things that come with traveling.  Don’t forget to pack your open mind and willingness to live in the moment.  Enjoy!c

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